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Basic Introductory Program

The Basic Program develops the most important dances you plan to use immediately at a basic level. At this level, most people will be able to dance 2-3 patterns in approximately 3 different dances.

Associate Bronze Program

The Associate Bronze Program is our Intermediate level. Here students develop maneuverability around the floor as well as more variety, technique and footwork. At the Associate Bronze level, dancers can demonstrate the style and characteristics of their dances. Most students know approximately 6-10 patterns in 4-6 dances.

Full Bronze Program

Full Bronze is the complete social dance program taught by the Arthur Murray Dance Studios. It’s designed to develop timing and techniques in all Social Dances selected by the student. At this level, students can dance with any partner, to any music, in any dance environment. These dancers are the best social dancers on the floor.

Silver Program

Silver is the dance standard with a high degree of styling. More elaborate movements ensure the Silver dancer will stand out on any dance floor. Dancing has become a serious hobby and part of a dancer’s lifestyle. Many choose to participate in competition and enjoy exhibitions.

Gold Program

Our Gold standard has intricate patterns only to be used when both partners are proficient. Choreography, styling, technique and showmanship are necessities in this standard. Gold students can take over the dance floor.

Dances We Teach

Listed below are some of the enduring dances that helped make social dancing forever popular. Read more to learn interesting facts and view videos of these exciting dance styles!


An offshoot of the Mambo, the Cha Cha (originally the cha-cha-cha) evolved out of popular movements in a slow-tempo Mambo called the Triple Mambo. By 1954 it became a dance of its own. The Cha Cha is a must-know style and has become the all-time favorite latin dance.

Disco/The Hustle

A kind of dancing more than a specific dance, Disco has strong roots in Swing, Samba, Cha-Cha, Mambo, Merengue, Foxtrot and Tango. The most popular version, the Hustle (of “Saturday Night Fever” fame), is believed to have originated in New York in 1970. This free form style is still one of the most popular at all night clubs and socials.


Created in 1912 by Harry Fox, the Foxtrot was the first dance that permitted people to hold each other closer than arm’s length. If you think the term “dirty dancing” was a product of the ’80s, think again. The Foxtrot was the first to be tagged “indecent behavior.” Today it’s still the most popular of all social dances. Some people refer to the Foxtrot as the “Slow Dance” or the “Two-Step,” or a “Conversational Dance” because of the physical closeness and ease of conversation it allows. The Foxtrot is good for developing smoothness and ease of movement.


Introduced by band leader Anselmo Sacasas in 1944, the Mambo – a merger of Swing and Rumba – didn’t really catch on until the 1950s, but remains very popular today.


Considered too scandalous when it was introduced to the United States in 1941, the Merengue went into eclipse until 1957 when Xavier Cugat resurrected it. Its point of origin is uncertain; both Haiti and the Dominican Republic claim it, and it contains elements of both cultures. It’s fun and exciting.


The Rumba is an increasingly popular romantic Latin dance dating back some 400 years ago, and is better known as the Latin get acquainted dance or the dance with the wiggle. The Rumba sometimes substitutes for those in-between tempos and features a subtle or relaxed (lateral) hip motion and Latin styling. Rumba hip movements are used in most of the popular Latin dances as well as the free-style of disco and nightclub dancing.


A peppery version of the Mambo laced with steps from other Latin dances, the Salsa is performed to a fiery, faster tempo. Some call it a form of Latinized Rock and Roll. It’s high energy and all fun.


A street festival dance that originated in Brazil, the Samba was introduced to the United States in the late 1920s in a Broadway play called “Street Carnival.”


First known as the Lindy (in honor of Charles Lindbergh and his historic hop across the Atlantic), this perennially popular dance emerged in the late 1920s. lt combined steps from the Black Bottom and was also known as the Bop and Push, the Hustle and Boot Scoot, Shag, Charleston and Hop. During the war years it re-emerged on the East Coast as the Jitterbug-jive and on the West Coast as Swing. You can Rock & Roll with Swing.


Rudolph Valentino single-handedly danced this Latin import into nationwide popularity beginning in 1910. Although widely believed to have originated in Argentina, it actually may have come from Spain. It’s dramatic, exciting and is known as the dancer’s dance. TheTANGO, with all its staccato movements, greatly improves a man’s lead or a woman’s ability to follow/respond and develops a strong sense of feeling for music.

This “mother of all dances” originated in Italy in the 1600s as a round dance called the Volte. It arrived in America in the early 1800s and was the first social dance in which a woman was actually held in a man’s arms. Learning to Waltz is elegant. The Waltz develops graceful movement and poise. Every wedding reception, black-tie formal and holiday party includes Waltz steps.

Benefits of Dancing

There are so many benefits to ballroom dancing, the best one is that it’s fun!!! Not only is it also great exercise in disguise but you also get to meet other people as a result of social dancing. It’s a great tool to have in your back pocket for your next event.

The World Famous Arthur Murray® teaching method of fun, fast and easy allow people of all ages to enjoy learning to dance.

The comfortable and fun learning environment that Arthur Murray studios provide will make it easy for you to walk in that door.  Many students have reported weight loss, increased flexibility, enhanced strength, better posture, increased self-confidence, lowered blood pressure, increased energy and endurance, and a more positive mood.

Dancing is also a great date night activity for couples! Dance your way into a healthy relationship. Rekindle that old flame and bring back the romance through dance lessons.

Learn to Dance for a Wedding

Do you have a wedding coming up? Does the thought of dancing at the reception leave your stomach in a knot? When you attend a wedding, music and dancing are almost always guaranteed, no matter what culture or type of ceremony it is. Whether you are the best friend, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle or even the bride or groom, you will be expected to dance.

Even if you have two left feet and find it difficult to follow a rhythm, there is no escape from dancing at the wedding. The wedding reception is where the bride, groom and their respective families and friends will come together and participate in various dances. These will typically be the first/bridal dance, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance, the parents dance, the dollar dance and general dancing. Everyone will be expected to dance in some way or another.


The Bride and Groom can’t Avoid Dancing!

If you are the shy because you do not know how to dance, then the pressure of having to dance at a wedding can cause severe anxiety. If you’re the one getting married, people look to you to be the most joyful person there! Most people do not know how to dance apart from raising both arms in the air and moving side to side. When you are called upon to lead the assembly in celebration, what would you do?

The good news is you don’t have to feel insecure when you head out onto the dance floor. There are dance classes you and your wedding party can take to help you learn some important moves for the wedding reception. Imagine how fun it would be to perform a dance number from a classic movie scene, or a famous routine performed by a professional dancer? Your performance would become a cherished memory for years to come! Wouldn’t that feel awesome? With Arthur Murray Dance Studios wedding dance classes, you will surely be able to surprise all in attendance.

Why Arthur Murray Dance Studios for Wedding Dancing?

The instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studios can teach you important steps and technicalities to perform a dance. They go at your pace to ensure that you are comfortable at each step. Their ultimate goal is to instill confidence in you so that you become one of the best dancers at the wedding. All along the way, one of Arthur Murray’s professional dance instructors will be there to provide guidance and support as you prepare to make your debut in the world of dance. As you master each step, your dance instructor will slowly increase the number and type of steps as well as the level of difficulty as you build toward mastery.

Arthur Murray offers both Private and Group Dance Lessons

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, the instructors offer both private and group dance lessons to prepare you (or your wedding party) for your wedding. These lessons include all basic steps to important dances like the Cha Cha, Merengue, Foxtrot, Rumba and the Hustle, to name a few. You will get ample opportunity to practice and perfect your dance steps, with a partner or on your own. Group lessons are great, because you can invite your whole wedding party! You and your group can go into your wedding knowing that everyone is on the same page.

The wedding dance event is customized to keep your taste and personality in mind. If you are planning your own wedding, the experts at Arthur Murray will help you pick out the perfect wedding song and also prepare you for the spotlight. All of our lessons are held in private studios, if you have the desire to keep your preparation a secret.

Classes are Categorized in the Three Levels

At Arthur Murray Dance Studios, there are three levels of dancing: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Bronze level focuses on the basic steps of each dance. This level will teach you how to become competent on the dance floor. The goal of the Silver level is to increase your dance skill level from competent to intermediate. At this level, you will polish your bronze material and focus on technique and style to achieve a high level of accuracy. At this level, you will transform from being able to dance into an actual dancer. The Gold level is for the selected few who have been taking the dance lessons seriously and have successfully internalized the steps and commands of each dance.

Arthur Murray has the Best Dance Instructors Available

You can easily obtain dance lessons from any dance studio. But if you’ve taken a class at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, you will quickly discover we are a cut above the rest. The Arthur Murray franchise is a top-class dance organization, started by dance instructors for dance instructors. Our franchise provides a vast program of seminars, training, ceremonies and competitions for our instructors to participate in. The Arthur Murray organization features some of the best dance instructors in the world. Many of them are sought after for Hollywood movie sets. Arthur Murray’s dance teachers follow a simple mantra, “Our great dance teachers can turn you into a great dancer!”

We Make You Feel Comfortable

Whether you are getting married or merely attending as a guest, your new set of dance skills will have you moving comfortably and confidently on the dance floor. Not only will you overcome your internal shyness, but you will also inspire others to join in. If you are single, your future mate may find this as a highly desirable trait. If you are married, your partner will find your new skills sexy!

Don’t forget your new dance skills won’t just be applicable for one upcoming wedding. Your new dance skills will follow you for the rest of your life, including to other weddings, social events, and if you’re single, even your own wedding. As you learn the steps to various dances, you will notice your level of confidence rise. These lessons will also help you become flexible and inhibition-free! Within just a couple of dance lessons, you can easily do your own number.

If the wedding is coming up in a few weeks, and you’re absolutely nervous about how to dance, head to your nearest Arthur Murray Dance Studio location and you will be dancing with flair in no time.

Kids Program

Give Your Child Confidence, Social Skills and Great Exercise too!

• Arthur Murray® promotes Healthy Exercise for kids & they wont even know it!
• Learn grace and confidence without being pressured.
• Develop great social skills that will last a lifetime.

Give your child all the befits of dance at a nearby Arthur Murray Dance Center…Millions of adults enjoy the healthy benefits of dance, and now they’re sharing those benefits with their children. Call Today!

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